What regrets after a Break-Up might really mean

As a woman who has penned two books on matters of the heart (Inside of Me and Pure Heart), has been a relationships writer for about two decades, and is a marriage life coach, I’ll be the first to admit that breaking up is hard to do.

It sounds so cliche, right? That doesn’t make it any less true, though. No matter who did the breaking up, no matter how short or long the relationship lasted, no matter what the reason (or reasons, because there is usually more than one) why you and “yours” decided to call it quits, ending a relationship can sting — if not flat-out take your breath away.

But what if, in the process of processing everything, you come to the conclusion that you want your ex back?

Before sending a midnight text or hitting them up in their DMs, please save your time and heart the trouble by reading some of the reasons behind why you might regret your break-up. That way, if you do decide to give it another shot, you know exactly — more or less — what you’re getting yourself into. And why.

You broke up too soon

Relationships are work. Hard work, at times. Anyone who tells you otherwise has either not been in a relationship for more than a couple of months or someone within their relationship is not revealing all of their true feelings (probably in order to keep impressing the one they’re with, or to “keep the peace”).

Just because you’re with a great person (and you’re pretty impressive too), that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be ups and downs — and disagreements. If every time the two of you don’t see eye to eye on something, you end the relationship, you’re probably gonna have regrets. Not only that, but you’re also not going to do well in the next relationship. Why? It’s because you’re going to put yourself in the position of always running away from conflict. Every relationship has conflict.

If you broke up just because you got into a fight or you didn’t give the relationship enough time to really get to know the other person, I hate to say it, but you definitely broke up too soon.

You need to apologize

Pride has killed a lot of relationships. A huge part of the reason is because one or both people will make a mistake (intention or by accident) and refuse to either admit it and/or apologize for it.

If this point makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe you’re the one who fits the bill. Knowing that you need to apologize and refusing to do so is basically saying “My ego is more important to me than you or this relationship.” And really, who wants to stay with someone who thinks like that?

Dr. Phil used to ask on his show quite a bit, “Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy?” It’s a loaded question that has a simple answer.

If you know that saying “I’m sorry” could mend your relationship, maybe that’s why you regret breaking up. The good news is, you know what you can do to make things right.

You want a second chance

Sometimes it takes losing someone for you to realize what you had. Don’t feel bad if this is where you’re at right now. It happens to the best of us.

If you regret breaking up with someone because you hate how things went down or you know that you took them for granted but you’re working on changing your ways, don’t let your pride or fear get in the way of trying to get another chance with them. Try reaching out and owning where you messed up. That alone may convince them that you’re worth the risk of trying to make the relationship work.

Sometimes the second or third chance really is the charm. And that’s okay.

You don’t know how to be single

This is one of those uncomfortable questions that can actually help you to grow: Are you someone who always has to be in a relationship?

Think about your past three relationships. Why did you get in them? How long did they last? How long were you single before getting into a new one?

If you only feel complete if you’re with someone, then pretty much every time a relationship comes to an end, you’re gonna regret it. But it won’t be so much about the relationship, but the relational status that it puts you in.

If this is you, all day long, it’s time to start seeing being single in another light. Choose to see singleness as being whole and complete. Shift your mindset so you can see being single as an opportunity to discover who you are and what you really want out of life. That way, the next time you get into a relationship and you’re not getting your needs met, ending it won’t fill you with regret, but rather, relief. Relief that comes from knowing that you did what was best for you, followed by excitement about finding someone someday who will love you and make you happy — someone who will leave you with absolutely no regrets!

What Makes a Business Stand Out from the Crowd

How is your business shining above your competition? How do you make yours stand out from the crowd of other businesses attempting to make their way in the world? Have you noticed if your competitors are using Youtube and social marketing to gain a following?

Running a business and setting yourself apart from everyone else is never an easy task. This is especially true if you are in the automotive industry. It is hard to compete with the big name dealers and there are so many advertising campaigns out there, it is nearly impossible to be unique. It may feel as if you are lost in the crowd of automotive advertisers, but there is a way to stand out and claim your spot as a legitimate source for excellent vehicles.

You need a detailed strategic plan to get your business moving in the right direction. You need to have all of your bases covered to ensure that everything works in favor of your company. If you want the most out of your marketing dollars, it is vital that you set up a detailed strategy for your marketing campaign. Once you have this strong plan in place, you can use it to shoot ahead of the rest of your competitors. If you do so correctly, it will set you apart from the others in your industry and it will take a lot of stress off of you personally.

If you feel that you are struggling with this task, there are ways that you can receive assistance from trained professionals. Taking the time to construct these strategies requires a lot of time and skill if you wish for it to work effectively. Thankfully, there are professionals able to provide you with an excellent service for an affordable cost. These professionals have vast experience in their field and they know exactly what it takes to get ahead in the automotive industry.

Automotive advertising is their specialty and they can help you move forward in the tough world of vehicle advertising. You have most likely learned from experience that setting up an advertising strategy is no easy task and it is even harder to put in place. Automotive advertising agencies are able to develop this strategy and put it into action. They have studied which methods work for all platforms of advertising, so you can rest assured knowing that your strategic plan will work for your company. This type of service will greatly help your business and it will give you piece of mind.

Advertising for any business is exceptionally difficult in today’s modern world. With all of the different platforms and techniques, it is hard to decide what would work best for your business. This is especially true for automotive advertising. It is a difficult world to navigate and it can take many years to understand how to advertise correctly. Instead of going through all of this trouble, you can use the professionals in automotive advertising to help your business reach its full potential.

Dynamic Arm Templates With Inline Logic Operators

A while back I wrote an article talking about the new “Condition” option in Azure Resource Manger (ARM) templates. This was the first step into conditional logic in ARM templates and worked great where you needed to apply a condition at the resource level. Where it fell down was where you needed a condition inside a resource, this resulted in you having to duplicate objects with different settings and work around issues like duplicate naming. In our example we looked at whether or not a network card should have a public IP. The condition worked great for determining whether or not to create the Public IP (PIP) object, but when it came to deciding whether or not to assign the PIP to the network card we ended up having to create two network card objects, one with one without, and use the condition to select which one to use, a bit painful!

I’m happy to say a new update to the ARM template specification adds more options for conditional logic in your ARM templates. In particular, alongside conditions we now have IF statements which you can use inline in your code to conditionally make choices at run time, which can be really powerful. The syntax of this is pretty straightforward:

[if(condition, true value, false value)]

These if statements can be applied to parameters, variables and most importantly resource properties. This new set of language features is a great addition to the toolbox for building more dynamic and re-usable templates. It’s not perfect, if your using IFs with complex JSON objects you end up having to store this as variables and end up growing that out very quickly, especially if you want to use an IF statement to decide between two different complex objects. Additionally, if you want to do something like if, if then, else, you end up having to next multiple IFs which can get pretty complicated to read. All of these compromises however, are still better than having to duplicate whole objects like we did before and we now have a pretty powerful set of tools to be able to control what we deploy dynamically at run time, and most importantly help us make scripts that are generic enough to share around.

It should be noted that If statements don’t do away with the need for Conditions, but more likely you will use these two in combination like we have here. Where you need to determine whether an entire resource is deployed or not, use conditions, where you need to alter inline elements use an if statement.